ReMarkable Talent

Organisations don’t become successful by simply offering good products and services, they also need good people. We go further than just helping find them, our aim is to attract, inspire and develop them. By matching their motives and the brand culture of your organisation, they become important assets of your brand and ambassadors, or, as we say in Dutch, ‘medemerkers’ - co-branders. Employer branding works externally and internally!

Where do we start?
Our motto is, ‘Don’t sell the job, sell the company’, so before we start developing concepts, we find out what the soul of the organisation is. The identity of your organisation is the root of everything.

Aren’t these never-ending trajectories?
We’re pure Rotterdam, so no. Within two weeks, we’ll have held discussions, set up a strategy and EVP, and processed your feedback; basically, built the foundation for a strong, distinctive employer brand.

What is the next step?
The strategy is the starting point for creation and a basis which HR and management can use for further work.

What do we mean by ‘Starting on the inside gives results on the outside’?
What your colleagues get really excited about is your most important market commitment. What makes their eyes sparkle is the key source of energy.

What are 'energetic values'?
We see reliability and a great atmosphere as preconditions. If these are missing, plenty of dissatisfaction takes their place. We search out those values which get energy flowing.

Is content marketing one of our areas?
In our profession, snackable content is here to stay. These are bite-sized pieces which are circulated online via social media, websites, and blogs, and offline via trade fairs for example or internally.

Why do we find a concept essential?
The media is fragmented, so a common thread is crucial. We combine an inherent concept, a phrase and a distinctive image to create synergy, where all the separate elements reinforce each other to form a coherent whole.

What do we think of storytelling?
It sounds like something contemporary, but it has always existed, and continues to be highly effective. We believe stories can play a major role, such as those of employees. They support and enrich the concept.

How do we work together?
Together, above all. We like to join forces, and all pull together. That means together with HR, or, even better, together with HR and communications.

If you’d like some more information, please call Paul Kroef ( +31 (0)6 5437 3802 or Douwe Oppedijk ( +31 (0)6 5479 6460



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