Become the boss of your own buzinezz

Too many young adults feel hopeless. They’d love to do their thing, but when there’s a gap between you and the labour market, that’s easier said than done. Where do you start? Well, at the Buzinezzclub. They help young adults to find a job, start a business or get an education. And we offer a helping hand. Pro bono.

As a member of the Buzinezzclub, you get the help you need to make your dreams come true. Every year, 500 young adults participate. But ideally, that number should grow; the aim is to double it by next year.

We developed a concept that turns the spotlight on former and current members. Role models that have made progress with the Buzinezzclub. From stuck in a rut to boss of their own buzinezz.

All hands on deck
A cool club with such a touching purpose deserves a fully-fledged campaign. For that reason, we called in a little help from our friends. We collaborated with photographer Sieds Wijnja and production house Mamascreen to produce the campaign, and with a media strategy by MrWork and social activation by Sociuu we maximized its reach.

You’ll find the posters plastered throughout Rotterdam and its moving variant all over social media.

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