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Meaning for employees, patients, and society

How do you describe – to stick with medical terms – the DNA of a top-class hospital? Helping patients get better by continuously bettering themselves, that’s Erasmus MC’s ultimate objective. ‘Working on getting better’ became the theme of a long-term employer branding campaign that won the Werf& Award in 2018.

Erasmus MC is among the global leaders of university medical centres, making it a hub for trailblazing research. The SARS virus was unravelled here, the first bone marrow transplant in the Netherlands was performed here, and the care professionals of the future are educated here.

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Innovation is the norm

Whether you are a physician, nurse, surgery assistant, radiology technologist, at Erasmus MC you will get the most out of your career. Innovation is standard here. And every day is a learning day. Now that’s a gratifying starting point for storytelling.

We were often in the hospital to record employees’ stories. Iconic physicians, relentless researchers, and nursing heroes from the ICU to pediatrics. We showcased their work and passion, as well as the corporate culture. We built a "working-at" website and focused on diverse channels and (social) media, including Facebook.

The magical milestone of 10,000 likes

Site visits rose by 320%, conversion rates to 50% (job alert, contact or application). Most importantly, the number of applications within the focus target group rose by 30%. External hiring was reduced to such an extent that the investment had earned itself back completely. Meanwhile, the Facebook page (initiated by us), has reached the magical milestone of 10,000 likes. Internally, the campaign has considerably strengthened pride; content is shared enthusiastically. And naturally, the campaign is continually improved based on the results. Getting better all the time – even in communication.

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