Love the moment

Hallmark, a global brand with a beautiful heritage. Market leader in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, also known as the Benelux. With a massive product range ranging from cards to chocolate and flowers, both online and offline. ARA was tasked with the development of a cross-medial, multiyear campaign to boost the brand in the Benelux.

Eindelijk jezelf zijn momentje


Along with the moments we all know like birthdays, holidays, and sick leave, there are 1001 other moments that call for a card.

The campaign tells hundreds of stories to inspire the target audience. Featuring all kinds of moments, funny and touching, where people feel happy, pensive, or hesitant. Sometimes conflicted, sometimes guilty. Recognisable moments – made memorable by a card.

The media-strategy is focused on online reach, particularly on social. Additionally, OOH and TV are used.

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