Hypotheker - Tongue-in-cheek mortgages

Tongue-in-cheek mortgages

For every one of us, there will come a day when we’ll have to get acquainted with mortgages. But where will you find up-to-date information? And who will make all that dull reading accessible?

As the Netherlands’ largest independent mortgage adviser, De Hypotheker considers answering these questions its duty.

Jazekerweten 01 - Onafhankelijk advies - Marionette


Short and sweet, tongue-in-cheek explanations

We made an inventory of consumers’ information needs and used that as the basis for 10 explainer videos. Starring Jillis and his concise and playful explanations. In video format, because of the accessibility of the medium. We called the series ‘Jazekerweten’, which roughly translates to ‘Yes, for sure’.

Jazekerweten 02 - Energiebesparing - Muts sjaal


A test prior to the campaign showed that the target group was enthusiastic about the initiative, especially about its clarity and light-hearted approach. Using TV and radio commercials, along with social and display advertising, we drove traffic to the explainer series on the campaign’s main landing page.

Jazekerweten - Goedkoper wonen


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