People-driven progress

New, impactful technologies drive progress. But do they also add genuine value? 

In the view of KPMG, technology only achieves progress if it is used from human insight and creativity. Progress that is good for people and society. Progress that matters: people-driven progress.

The corporate campaign (online, print, outdoor and radio) revolves around the human factor in audit and advisory. What can services mean for people and society? In contrast with common practice in accountancy and consultancy, the visuals show candid shots of society. The campaign’s launch was preceded by extensive research.

Content marketing
Alongside the corporate campaign, we are also conducting a campaign for KPMG’s different domains, from Digital Transformation to Business Assurance, and for the labour market. We are (also) making a major push in content marketing. Watch the introduction video of the new career page below or take a look at the website.


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