Rijk Zwaan

An international recruitment campaign

When Kofi Annan visited the Netherlands in 2008, he paid visit to Prime Minister Balkenende, Queen Beatrix … and Rijk Zwaan. The breeder of vegetables and seeds is one of the Netherlands’ most innovative multinationals.

Career site
Together with Rijk Zwaan, we developed a careers site with full attention to its purpose: impact on the food supply. Though there’s a purpose that’s even more important: the happiness of employees throughout the 30 countries Rijk Zwaan operates in.

RijkZwaan IT werving


Time for complexity
IT experts and digital specialists are a rare breed, but Rijk Zwaan has a unique value proposition. The field is complex, and at Rijk Zwaan there’s ‘time for complexity. That’s music to the IT crowd’s ears.

Looking for crop carers
Crop carers are essential for Rijk Zwaan’s success. Their role is of great importance in the development of new strains. In our talks with them, we discovered that – alongside their pursuit of quality – they have one common denominator: a green heart.

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