WWF - World Animal Day or a world without animals?

World Animal Day or a world without animals?

There are only 3,900 tigers left in the wild. 20,000 elephants are killed every year for their tusks. Worldwide, 26,197 species are threatened with extinction. The WWF has identified a 60% decline in all life on Earth in the last 40 years. The facts are appalling.

WNF Dierendag


Reverse the downward line
We thought World Animal Day would be an excellent occasion to urgently remind everyone about these facts. And above all, to do something about it. WWF believes the situation is far from hopeless, and that the downward line can (and must) be reversed.

Don't say goodbye to them forever.

Online and outdoor
We developed an online and outdoor campaign for WWF that was launched on World Animal Day, including a video with animals that are in danger of extinction. inspires everyone to actually do something.

The message was extensively discussed by the media. Some magazines spoke of a 'confrontational video', others of an 'in memoriam video'. The video was widely shared via social media. Coopr was responsible for the PR, while BlowUP media provided outdoor screens in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. All those involved provided their services free of charge


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