Het Zwitserleven Gevoel, more personal than ever

Many people barely give thought to their retirement pension. Until now, if it’s up to Zwitserleven. Because taking the time to arrange your affairs for the future will give you a good feeling – known in the Netherlands as ‘het Zwitserleven Gevoel’. Using this angle, one of the Netherlands’ longest running campaigns has once again set the tone for financial communication.

Zwitserleven Touch


Meet Sterre, Aiky and Kees, the new stars of the campaign. Each in their own stage of life with their own ambitions, dreams, and Zwitserleven Gevoel. With a series of mini stories, we’ve made that feeling more personal than ever.

The 360-degree campaign transforms the way we think about pensions. The work was visually crafted by director Jasper Zwartjes, who captured the feeling with double exposure, creating an inseparable connection between now and the future.

Nonstop relevancy
In every stage of life, your pension is relevant in a different way. First, you’ll want insight. Then maybe you’ll decide to supplement. Eventually, you’ll want to purchase a pension to maximise your income. The campaign addresses all these motivators. Ensuring relevancy and driving conversion.

Zwitserleven Making off


Het Zwitserleven Gevoel
Once upon a time, insurance companies spoke doom and gloom about those who didn’t arrange their pensions properly. Zwitserleven promised its clients the very opposite: a positive feeling, closely translated to ‘the Swiss-life feeling’ – now a part of everyday speech in the Netherlands. This disruptive message has been maintained with iron discipline.

Zwitserleven Gevoel

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