Zwitserleven Gevoel

Het Zwitserleven Gevoel

(Closely translated as: The Swiss-life feeling)

Once upon a time, insurance companies spread scare stories about those who didn’t arrange their pensions properly. Zwitserleven promised its clients the very opposite; a positive feeling. This disruptive message has been maintained with iron discipline.

We’ve been taking good care of this campaign, in which Zwitserleven constantly renews itself without losing its identity, for 30 years. Zwitserleven became a popular brand, and remained so even when the financial sector fell out of favour. Het Zwitserleven Gevoel, conceived by Theo Postma, became legendary, and the original Dutch version has even been included in the Dikke van Dale dictionary.

In addition to the feeling, in recent years we’ve also focussed on common sense, the benefits of ‘thinking ahead'. We not only invite our clients to think ahead, we also help them out with doing so, sympathetically and clearly, with tools such as our savings app.




How can you make information about a topic such as pensions interesting? By using the Zwitserleven method: qualitative, clear and always paying close attention to emotions. ‘Straks’ is Zwitserleven’s digital magazine that we have been making and publishing for many years using every available resource and medium. In videos, we portray people who prove that thinking ahead bears fruit here and now, not just later.

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