Processor in the head

Only once on board could we understand the enormous responsibility of a ship pilot, and the complexity of the work. While he or she appears to be calmly at work in the wheelhouse, a kind of processor runs in his or her head that deals with incoming information at lightning speed and continuously assesses and weighs risks.

In het hoofd van een loods


At the peak of their profession

Not only are the ship, cargo and crew at stake, so are passers-by, spectators on dykes, locks and bridges, and people living along the river. The economic damage of blocking a waterway because of a wrong decision also has to be considered. A pilot has to be at the peak of his or her profession.

There is much more at stake than just the ship, cargo and crew.

Who lets the pilots pilot?

In addition to the pilots, the quality of supporting colleagues, from lawyers to ICT specialists, is also crucial. There are more than 120 professionals on shore supporting the work of the pilots.

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