ARA Employ

All Facets of Your Brand Reinforce Each Other

To attain success, organizations need good products and services. But most of all, they need great people. ARA is one of the few agencies that offers traditional branding, employer branding and internal branding. Because organizations that coordinate all facets of their brand experience are worth their weight in gold. That’s why ARA and New Growth Strategies have bundled their creative and strategic savvy in ARA Employ.



Scarcity and that essential inspiration and motivation

It’s a cliché, yet undeniably true: talent is scarce. Additionally, now more than ever, there is an internal need for inspiration and motivation. Creating synergy in all branding – employer, internal, corporate, and product branding – is the key to victory.

ARA and New Growth Strategies, an ideal combination

ARA collaborates intensively with organizations to create growth by simultaneously creating a productive culture and an attractive positioning on the labour market. We work with clients like KPMG, PostNL, TBI, Kadaster, Cloetta and Erasmus MC.

Our partner New Growth Strategies (NGS) is specialised in employer and internal branding strategies, among other things. Marc van Eck, co-founder of NGS, published the bestseller 'The Success of Internal Branding'.

ARA Employ combines the best of both agencies, giving our clients access to a broad pool of expertise in employer and internal branding and an unprecedented range of services.

One-stop shop

Employer branding/Internal branding


brand strategy, media strategy, guidance in change processes, leadership training, research, data, insights, EVP


corporate identity, campaign concept, digital concept


copy, art direction, content creation, UX design, visual design, development, DTP, video, photography, visualising

Campaign management

online marketing, community and social media management, content management, onboarding, employee advocacy, internal & external training and workshops, analytics, support, webcare


If you’d like to know more about our vision on employer and internal branding, call or e-mail Paul Kroef ( for an exploratory chat over a cup of coffee.