A senseof belonging

More and more organizations aim to establish an attractive employer brand. Employer branding as a foundation for recruitment has become as common as branding in B2C and B2B.

Be yourself

Our employer branding approach is based on ‘a sense of belonging’. Do employees feel at home? Can they be themselves? Is there a match between their personality, values and ambitions and the employer? Diversity, sustainability and inclusion are naturally top priorities.

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Win the war for talent

Purpose and culture are the primary triggers to attract talent. Together, we will decide what to emphasize.

An attractive and distinctive EVP and TVP, based on interviews with employees from every layer of the organization, are the starting point for the creative process.

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In-house expertise

We offer in-house strategy, concept, design, copy, producing, media and campaigning. And with expertise, we align those perfectly. To optimally reach potential candidates, we work together with various media agencies and specialists.


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How nice (and effective) would it be if branding and employer branding empowered one another? If a brand has the same face across markets. Building the same associations, emotions and knowledge about the brand. Together with our clients, we strive for that optimal connection.