Almost every field is dealing with the same problem: a critical shortage of skilled labour. The only way to solve this problem in the short-term, is to expand our horizons to a bigger potential labour market: more fish in the pond. And that’s exactly how DB Work, works.

DB Work has the workers for your job.

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Making of campaign images

Looking beyond borders

On their search for skilled labour, the company that started as a ship painter began looking abroad. Around 2014, founders Stefan and Alex den Breejen shifted their focus and started DB Work. In the present, DB Work specializes in detachment of temporary workers from foreign nations. DB Work is now the biggest European platform for skilled labourers that want to work in the Netherlands.


A legion of employees

DB Work enriches the Netherlands with a legion of employees. From moving to housing, everything is taken care of. And an on-call support team helps them with any work-related issues.

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From concept to website

We created a powerful corporate identity, a creative concept that appealed to both candidates and clients. We photographed the workers, built a website and started running campaigns on social media.

50% more website visitors
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